We utilize Old World techniques to create amazing loaves full of flavor, aroma & texture. At Bay Bread Company, we start making a portion of the dough up to 24 hours before actually using it, allowing it to ferment perfectly. Our sourdoughs are created from our own starter that has to be fed regularly like a good friend. We hope you enjoy eating it as much as we enjoy baking it!

                     GRAINS, CARROTS & SPINACH  5.95

Sweeter Breads:
All American Loaf   6.25
A moist loaf with blueberries & cherries topped with hand made streusel!

Whole Wheat Apple Spice 4.95
Smells like freshly baked apple pie!

Hand Braided Challah and Pulla(with cardamom & sugar) 4.95

TC Cherry Walnut and Cinnamon Swirl 4.95

Pecan Raisin  5.95 and Chocolate Covered Cherry  5.50

Whole Wheat Breads:
Multi Grain Loaf 4.95, Rolls 5.50/doz or Demi Baguette 1.25ea
Delicious & Nutritious with flax, sesame and sunflower seeds plus oats

Whole Wheat Sourdough  4.50   and Honey Whole Wheat 4.75

English Muffin (white/wheat mixture) 3.95  and Walnut Wheat 4.00

Harvest Wheat   6.95
A dense hearty loaf weighing in at 3lb's

French Breads:
Bleu' Cheese and Asiago Cheese Baguettes 3.75

Plain & Seeded French Baguettes 2.50

Seeded & Plain EPI's 2.75   French Rolls  5.50/doz

French Loaf 3.95 and French Boule 3.50

Greek Olive Sourdough 4.95 and Whole Wheat Sourdough 4.50

PEPPER PARMESAN Sourdough  5.95
Freshly ground pepper and hand chunked parmesan cheese

Sourdough Loaf 4.25, Sourdough Boule 3.50, Sourdough Soup Bowl 1.75

Rye/Pumpernickel Breads:
Caraway Rye 4.75 ,  Traditional Rye 4.75,

Sunflower Rye 4.75  & Pumpernickel 4.50

Savory & Italian Loaves:
Hand Braided Rosemary Garlic 4.95

Ciabatta 2.95,   Seeded Ciabatta Pretzels 2.00,  Seeded Cia Rolls  5.50/doz  (Stacey's favorite)

Focaccia's 4.25,   Country Italian Loaf 4.25

Cheddar Cheese & Onion Loaf 4.95,    Spinach Feta 4.95

Pesto Batard 4.95, Garlic Asiago 4.95

And our own Garlic Bread 2.95

We also make Hamb & Hotdog buns  2.00/4pk
and a variety of seasonal breads like Stollen at Christmas

We bake daily and create many custom items for
local restaurants
(Please inquire. Everything is hand shaped - You need it - We can do it !)

Huge Cinnamon Rolls & Delicious Sticky Buns
We make our own cream cheese frosting!

Amazing Scones: Blueberry with Lime, Cranberry Orange,
Cherry  with Cinnamon Glaze & Double Chocolate Espresso
We fresh squeeze limes & oranges daily, to make our glazes - YUM!

Carrot & All American Muffins, Plain & Chocolate Croissants

Cherry Almond Granola & Granola Bars, Cherry Almond Biscotti

Cherry Walnut Brownies, Lila's Luscious Lemon Bars, Macaroons

Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter, Sugar, Cherry Oatmeal & Molasses Cookies, Cinnamon Crunch Coffee Cake and Killer Brownies with Caramel

Handmade Spreads/Dips:
Hummus, Smoked Gouda, Spinach Feta & Olive Tapenade

Try the Spreads with our Seasoned Baguette Chips


Shipping within the state available - please call for details.

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